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Friday, September 07, 2012

 Yes the blog has gone, but all is not lost. I've turned it into a book, an ebook, how modern of me is that! If you want a copy (only 98p) then rush over to

I know what your going to say (Okay, it's a guess really) 'I don't own a Kindle.' You don't need to. Amazon (Bless their cotton socks) have a FREE App (Application for the less text savvy) that lets you read ebooks on a PC, smartphone or tablet and yes, even an Ipad. here it is: How good it that.

And there's more . . .

 . . . I've written a 'proper' book. It's called 'An English Custom' and is also an ebook (you might note a bit of a trend here). It's a humorous fiction book very much along the lines of early Tom Sharpe, he of Porterhouse Blues, Blott on the Landscape and Wilt. I am pleased to say it has also been properly edited with comma's and stuff.

It has taken me a year to write and is reflected in the price, a whole £1.53. You can get your copy from: Get it while it's still shinny and new.

Yes, I did the cover as well.

The new classic British farce by James Henry An English Custom As seen on Ask David